Italian Law
Inheritance Cases

Inheritance Cases

International Clients Who Have Inherited Assets in Italy

The cases listed hereunder are representative of the variety of client/family situations we have addressed and resolved. We invite you to submit your situation by email to, or call us today at 866 694-5500 for a free initial consultation concerning an inheritance in Italy.

Client in:Italian Assets in:Case Summary
CAMILANOFamily ancestors on title. All deceased. File to put living descendants in the USA on title in Italy. Sell property near Milan airport.
CACHIETIContract allows for US Client to buy out remaining interest of Italian family.
CABARIClient’s minor child inherits property, Italian mutual funds, postal bonds
FLMILANOMinor child inherits property in Milan, bank funds, life insurance proceeds
WY, CA, UTTRENTOItalian spinster in Italy leaves property and bank funds to nephews in the USA
TX, ILMILANOPlace US client on title to property in Milan. Negotiate property sale
PAREGGIO CALABRIADeceased sisters on title to house. Transfer property to relative. Sell property.
CATURINResearch and find lost family property.
CALUCCATenant does not pay rent on family quarry. Eviction
CAGENOVARecover value of mineral rights.
NAPLESUSAItalian heirs in Italy receive inheritance from California
NYVIBO VALENTIATransfer title to property to client. Sell property
CALUCCASquatters occupy house of client. Update title to property. Evict squatters
WAFLORENCEClient with buyout becomes majority shareholder
CAFLORENCESudden death of US citizen residing in Italy. File complex succession to transfer assets to relatives in the USA.
CAGENOVAConvey property back to US family. Sell property
CAGENOVADescendants emigrated to USA, Portugal, & Argentina. Family property to be sold. Proceeds to go to distant heirs.
CASALERNOClient’s family property sold unlawfully. Court case pending
WAFLORENCEFile to claim bank funds and Italian real property
CANADACASERTAResolve issues of eminent domain. Funds to title holder unpaid. Case pending
CANADACHIETISell remaining shares of family property to uncle
CALUCCASuccession filings to clear title of father’s estate. Property then sold
FL, CALUCCASettle contested  will and related estate.
CAPRODENONEDeath of father. Transfer title to children.
TXPRODENONEDeath of father. Transfer title to property to children living in different US States.
AUSTRALIAPESCARATransfer title to clients. Then assist in renting out property
TXFOGGIAUS trust filed in Italy. Transfer title to heirs in the USA
MAMODENAElder law violation by US family affecting Italian property owership
CAFLORENCEFollowing death of spouse, assist client to obtain funds from Italian bank
NYNAPLESLocate bank assets and will.
ILCOSENZAAssist client in nullifying purchase contract of property in Italy
IALUCCAClaim estate assets in bank
INDIAFLORENCEDeceased US citizen leaves bank funds in Italy to private institution in India

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