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About Italian Law

About Italian Law

Since 2007 Italian Legal Language Services has offered assistance to private clients and attorneys seeking clarifications on administrative procedures in the context of Italian succession law.

Who We Are

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Our expert staff will perform due-diligence property title searches, provide official plot maps, clarify the rights of prospective heirs selling or buying property. In addition, we will also review real property sales contracts, bank accounts, divorce documents, Italian insurance administration, Italian postal bonds, and translate vital records prior to their submission to Italian Consulates. Italian Law partners with Luxury Law, an international transactions law firm based in Palermo, Italy.

Who We Serve

Client-heirs typically live outside Italy and wish to convey assets or sell Italian assets. We typically convey title to real property by filing directly with the Italian Government Agency (Agenzia delle entrate) and assist in liquidating assets held by banks and other institutions. Click here for other services.

Private Direct Clients and Attorneys – 1,900 served since 2007

Anthony and Sonia Alioto ssisting a client with Italian inheritance matters.
An Italian inheritance client consults with Sonia Alioto of
An client going over inheritance in Italy documents with Italian Legal Language Services principal Sonia Alioto.

What We Do

Property Research & Expert Consultation, Estate Administration, Citizenship, Insurance Claims, and Legal Translations

To substantiate facts and dates we query official Italian government data base with  real-time access to property title records for all of Italy. With this information, we clarify the rights of prospective heirs. With the necessary authority from clients we can interact with banks and other financial entities.

Italian Property Map Example
Italian Land Map Example

Inheritance Claims

Upon the demise of anyone holding assets in Italy, we prepare and file declarations of succession. Its correct and timely filing will cause the transfer of assets to the next of kin anywhere in the world. For questions regarding wills / testaments and legatees contact our office directly.

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Giving Back

Italian Law is proud to support La Scuola, an International Baccalaureate Italian Immersion School located in San Francisco, California. We fully endorse their mission to “Inspire Brave Learners to Shape the Future.” La Scuola operates preschool, elementary, and middle school students across three campuses.

Collaborative Offices

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